Autocross AdvantageAutocross AdvantageAutocross Advantage


Autocross Advantage allows you to instantly map, calculate PAX and MPH on any device. It is available for all major mobile device platforms.

Get the autocross advantage. Calculate your PAX adjusted times, draw course maps, calculate your average miles per hour on course and check the SCCA rules and classes. See how you really stack up against your competition. Improve your racing line by understand your performance.

You have all the basics for race day fun in one place.

This app is based on 2012 data and will be updated year to year. Enter your race class once and never enter it again. Or, run the pax numbers for other classes and see how close your competition really is. Two clicks to fast answers.

This tool is designed with race day in mind. It is made by autocrossers for autocrossers. Get every advantage you can, get Autocross Advantage.

Please note – Autocross Advantage will not make your phone any heavier than it already is. More apps does not mean more weight, but a little more info could make you faster!