10th Edition of the e-magiciens Festival

Valenciennes, in the north of France, greets, for the 9th consecutive time,
the European meetings of the young digital creation, which will be held from
27th to 30th November 2007. Organized by the Chamber of Commerce and
Industry of the Valenciennes region, this event is the annual meeting of
young creators, students and professionals of digital animation, cinema,
sound and video game. On 5,000 visitors, we include 500 professionals coming
from 10 countries. Every year the festival presents in preview nearly 300
animation films and multimedia works from about 50 European countries. In
the program on the National Scene of the Phoenix theatre: projections,
conferences, previews, tributes and teaching workshops. One of the main
event of the festival is a set of student’s contest and awards on animation,
web sites, games…

This year the ENJMIN (Graduate School of Games and Interactive
Media,www.enjmin.fr) is in charge of the competition related to video games.
The participation is open to students registered in university or college,
including students registered for the year 2006-2007.
Candidates have to supply two copies of a file (1) and a lay-out of the game
(1) : The file must contain : the attached application form, a description
of the game and its originality, and the possibility of achievement if it is
a project.
(2) : With the games or the lay-out of the game, you have to join an
installation guide, a user guide explaining technical constraints, setup
conditions, a .avi format video as a record of one game’s session, and a
“walkthrough”  (description of a course in the game that has to be
achieved). The game must operate with PC Windows XP or a portable games
console (Nintendo DS or PSP). In case it is a game for portable console, the
totality of the operation device has to be suppplied and will be returned to
candidate after the evaluation.

The game will be appreciated according to the script intentions, the
originality of concepts and universe, as well as the feasibility to carry it
out. The comprehensive layout represents an illustration of these different

Information :

For any question about the game contest contact

Pr. Stephane Natkin

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