IEEE Potentials

IEEE Potentials and IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) are dedicated
to serving the needs of undergraduate and graduate students as well as
engineers who have graduated within the last ten years. To this end, IEEE
Potentials is seeking articles of relevance to young engineers that will be
published in a special GOLD-themed edition in March 2009. Article subjects
are explored through timely manuscripts with a goal of assisting readers on
a technical, professional, and personal level. If you’re an engineer who
has cutting-edge technical ideas, formulated concepts about what will work,
advice about professional/career development, or opinions about the forces
that influence the problem-solving process, IEEE Potentials would like to
hear from you. IEEE Potentials is interested in manuscripts that deal with
theory, practical applications, or new research. They can be tutorial in
nature. Submissions may consist of either full articles or shorter,
opinion-oriented essays. When submitting an article, please remember:

All manuscripts should be written at the level of the audience who are
students and engineers who have graduated within the last ten years.

• Articles without equations are preferred; however, a minimum of
equations is acceptable.

• List no more than 12 references at the end of your manuscript. No
embedded reference numbers should be included in the text. If you need to
attribute the source of key points or quotes, state names in the text and
give the full reference at the end.

• Limit figures to 10 or less.

• Articles should be approximately 2,000-4,000 words in length; essays
should be 900-1,000 words.

• Include a brief biography of four to six lines for each author.

• Please state your IEEE membership number(s) and membership level,
including whether you are a GOLD member.

Submit your articles on or before 1 December, 2008 to:
For inquiries please e-mail Adrian Pais at

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