Polyglot Game Submitted

It’s time to put the Polyglot Cubed game to bed. I finished a few revisions, including a mod tool for adding more language packs “easily.” The video of the latest version of my Polyglot games is here on your tube:


I submitted it to IGF as a long shot. I’d like to get some feedback on how to make the game more interesting and maybe some day, even exciting :)

Polyglot Logo

Polyglot is an educational game for learning languages. It is designed to entertain while enforcing language comprehension. The highly modular system was designed at the University of Illinois, Chicago by Lindsay Grace, an MFA student. It is designed to aid in the retention of listening vocabulary. Polyglot can be used to improve comprehension of a variety of languages with minimal training.

The game is designed around 6 rooms of floating, cubicle tiles. Each tile is assigned a foreign language word, and a pictographic representation of that word. The cubes are clustered by topic, usage,or form of speech to encourage contextual recognition and aid visual memory. The player must match the spoken word with the cube that corresponds to it.

Polyglot [cubed] recieved best student game at Michigan State University’s Meaningful Play

Game Overview (.pdf)

Download Polyglot [Cubed]

The following software prototype is in beta, please use accordingly. It was written and tested by Lindsay Grace as a proof of concept. It is provided under standard United States commercial intellectual property license. It may not be redistributed without consent from the author, but please feel free to link directly to this site.

This software does not include any adware, pay-per-click software, nag screens or related technology. It’s just good old fashioned honest code :)

You can also download the Mod Tool to build your own lessons / games. However, the mod tool require the .Net Framework and some patience :)

Version Download
Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000 Polyglot Icon
Mandarin Chinese Language Demo Version
(17.7 mb)

Alternate download 2

Windows Mobile/CE (Java) (sorry mobile version not ready yet- still working on it)
Language Packs
Polyglot Smallest Icon
Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) Criolu (Portuguese dialect) | 7.7mb

Alternate Download 2

Polyglot Smallest Icon
Urban Slang: Standard American English (humor)
Polyglot Mod Shape Demo

Snap (shape-sound match)

Match tones to shapes (built using the mod tool) – 7mb .zip file

Alternate download #2

Mod Tool Download the mod tool to make your own versions of the game.

Use this program to make other language packs for Polyglot or to create other matching games using the polylogt design.


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