Game Design Job Opportunity-12/7

Twist Education has several job opportunities in games. Among them is the coveted game designer position.  More information is available...

Twist Education has several job opportunities in games. Among them is the coveted game designer position.  More information is available at

Twist Education is committed to the design of innovative approaches to science education. We seek to improve scientific competency through creative pedagogies that leverage the best of traditional instruction and bring 21st century technologies to bear on contemporary challenges in education.

Job Description
This position requires expertise in designing educational games, integrating game mechanics with instructional goals.  The successful candidate will be well versed in the theories underpinning learning and be able to demonstrate the practical application of instructional game design to science education.

Required Skills

  • Degree in Education, Instructional Design, Serious Game Design or related subject
  • A strong background in Educational Game Design
  • Expertise is designing scoring and leveling systems
  • Expertise in matching game mechanics to learning
  • Expertise in designing interactive learning environments
  • Expertise in the instructional design process.
  • Expertise in developing instructional objectives and performance measures
  • Expertise in developing multimedia instructional materials
  • Expertise in developing feedback, remediation, hints, and cues to support learning
  • Ability to work effectively in both team and individual settings
  • Familiarity with standard metadata use and format (e.g., XML)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • A fundamental understanding of basic physics
  • Minimum five years of relevant work experience
  • Able to take on other projects as required

Desired Skills

  • Graduate Degree in Education, Instructional Design, or related subject
  • A fundamental understanding of scientific inquiry skills
  • Basic proficiency with standard content authoring tools (e.g., Flash)
  • Thorough understanding of cognitive science as it relates to education
  • Design document management experience

Applicants should submit a resume and a cover letter delineating their particular qualifications and areas of interest in this position. This is a full time position in our Instructional Design & Research Department.

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