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Global Game Jam 2011 is officially done.  It’s time to rub thos sleep deprived eyes and see what the best...

Global Game Jam 2011 is officially done.  It’s time to rub thos sleep deprived eyes and see what the best games have been. Here’s a list of the best games from Miami University’s event and some highlights of the designs.  After that you will see my picks for the best games in the entire event.

These are the most recognized of the 12 games from this event.

Mechine game from Global Game Jam 2011 at Miami University People’s Choice: MEchine (Windows PC)

A game about the challenge of game design from the computer’s perspective. Help the game become a better game, by providing feedback about what you liked or didn’t like. Spoiler alert – the game’s personality is a downer, so the game may off itself if you are not supportive enough.

rubicon game from Miami University Global Game Jam 2011 Aesthetic Award: Rubicon (Windows PC)

Rubicon is an experimental game about our experimental approach to life. Each player plays only once, and his journey is recorded in a few short statements that appear in a figurative graveyard which new players will see before they begin their own journey. Just like how everyone has different goals in life, scoring in Rubicon is not a quantitative comparison, but a standalone reflection on the experience.

Dissolution Game from Miami Universit Global Game Jam Mechanics Awards: Dissolution (Print to play)

A game designed to test your friendships in a battle for the fate of mankind in a brave new world. Do you have what it takes to undergo an epic space ‘venture!? Players have resources and people to keep alive on an alien planet. Get too many people and you will need more resources, but the more people you have, the more resources you can create and manage.

Growth and Decay Global Game Jam 2011 game Venture Capital Award: Growth and Decay (android)

This is a face-to-face two player game. During the grow phase, build high scoring words just as in other popular word games.

The game is a competitive word game in-line with Bananagrams and Scrabble apple. It’s for android devices and lots of fun to play.

Extinction Level Events Game Application of Theme Award: ELE Extinction Level Events (Windows PC)

You control the Earth and must save the planet from eminent extinction via asteroids, aliens, solar flares, and climate issues. The player must use abilities to save their planet from extinction. Abilities include: nuclear strikes, force fields, a human cannon, a big ass rocket, and everyone in china jumping!

Funny and addicting, the game is worth playing.

High Potential Game: Freeword

As the world’s last problem solver, you must figure out a way to describe images in order to prove that human ingenuity is still active.

Nurture game glboal gamej jam 2011 Game by Organizer: Nurture (windows PC)

The player starts with a simplistic, empty field. A single plant grows from the soil, in it is a single letter. The player must tap the correct letter to keep the flower on screen.  The game is almost impossible as a one player game, so you should discover that playing with more than one person makes it almost winnable. It is supposed to have a metaphorical relationship to maintaining the environment, emphasizing delicateness and constant stewardship.

This game didn’t receive an award, it’s just shameless self promotion. BUT, it was the only game made by an organizer ;)

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