Flash Animator Job in Bay Area Game Company

Airy Labs located in Palo Alto in the Bay Area is currently looking to hire a full time flash animator...

Airy Labs located in Palo Alto in the Bay Area is currently looking to hire a full time flash animator to join our art team. Our mission statement is to create educational mobile games for kids and we already have a phenomenal (and ever-expanding team) of the most talented engineers, programmers, artists, and directors in their field. Founded by Thiel Fellow Andrew Hsu (www.andrewhsu.com ), the company is already making waves among the mobile gaming community and as a young startup, there is infinite room to grow and pursue a career. If you have a passion for animation and dedication to your craft, take a look around the Airy Labs website (www.airylabs.com <http://www.airylabs.com/> ).

Send an email with your reel, portfolio, or any relevant information to monica@airylabs.com.



Airy Labs is creating the next generation of social learning games for kids. We build iOS games on mobile and tablet, social games for the browser, and casual massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), all with educational missions that will teach kids both school courses and real life skills that they need to be successful in their lives.

The games are designed in the spirit of “learning through play” and “learning by doing,” with the fundamental philosophy that learning is fun and the best games are the ones where kids are having fun playing and learning at the same time. They will have learning value across a broad landscape, including academic courses and skills, brain and psychological training, and broader life skills that aren’t taught in school.

Social, collaborative, and competitive learning is a large part of Airy Labs’ games and will be incorporated into virtual worlds and massively multiplayer online games. Cognitive neuroscience and social psychology will be used to build better games and inform and improve game design and learning design.

Airy Labs is poised to change the world by changing how our next generation is educated. We are going to disrupt, impact, and revolutionize education in a global scale with games (that engage our kids in real learning), neuroscience (that informs how the brain learns), and technology (that coincides and interacts with the world our kids grow up).

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