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Pong GamePlay

Charity: 1978

"Pong is one of the most iconic video games in history.  The manufacturer of the game made at least 10 clones of the basic Pong experience, while another 15 versions were commercially released by others before 1982.  It continues to be one of the most often remade games in history. Each of these games is based on the competitive standard of player versus player.  In Charity, that brand of competitive play is challenged by moving the iconic game toward cooperative play." - Critical Gameplay


2 player cooperative play. The player must "give" the ball to the other player to continue play. Every time the player receives the ball, the paddle grows. When a player gives the ball, the ball grows, increasing play time. Play ends when the player’s paddle shrinks to nothing.


Encourage mutually beneficial, co-dependent play (charity). The players rely on each other to continue play by providing the other player with the means for participation. Like charity, the player must accept and give.

A game built in Proccessing.

How to Play

Serve the ball with [s] or [left arrow] and return it to the player. The computer will mitigate. If you served the ball you can preserve it by hitting it. If you were served the ball, collect it to increase the everyone's score.