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Mindtoggle Games makes casual games for a casual life.

Mindtoggle Games is a little company, making little games. In fact, it’s a one man operation. The goal is to make fun little games that loosely relate to the research of Lindsay Grace, faculty at American University.

What does Mindtoggle mean?

Mindtoggle started in the early 80’s with games made for the Apple II in Massachusetts.  In those days the games were sold at local computer stores via 5.25 inch floppies. The games weren’t very good, but the programmer-artist was still in middle school.  Now Mindtoggle is a little more grown up. 

Super Mystery House on the Apple 2 by Mindtoggle Software circa 1986

That doesn’t mean play has to go away. It’s just the opposite, adults need play.  So do kids. So Mindtoggle makes games for everyone. 

What does Mindtoggle Make?

Playthings. Toys. Games. Stuff you can play with. The apps are designed using the same rapid app development process used to create the Critical Gameplay project. The idea is simple.  Create a game quickly and simply. 

The name Mindtoggle comes from the idea of toggles. Toggles are switches. Mindtoggle games are mind switching games. Sometimes they are hard. Sometimes they make you ask questions. Sometimes they don't do anything but help you switch your brain to the off position.

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