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Stolen Kisses

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This app is no longer maintained on the app stores. Originally launched in 2015, you can play the HTML version of this game below.



An affection game for everyone.

Stolen Kisses lets you kiss whomever you want. Lavish these beautiful people with your love. Press your lips to the screen and hold to give better kisses and get more points. But don’t hold too long, or you might just give a bad kiss. Practice kissing with beautiful high definition graphics and realistic people. Kiss in different spots to see more.

This game is designed to be an inclusive affection game. Practice kissing, test your kissing, or just find out how to love. This game is a romantic gesture in 3D affection. Shower all of your love on and give our 3D dolls affection like no other. It is romantic, cute, adorable, and wonderful. Kiss kiss, hug,hug.

Choose from 8 different 3D characters or try your luck and roll the dice for a surprise kiss
Beautifully rendered graphics for HD intimacy
The newest kissing game for all your secret cravings
Enjoy hours of stolen kisses, right now. 

This game is advertising free. Just you and your kisses



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