Critical Gameplay

Critical gameplay, a collection of video games designed to critique common gameplay elements (2009)

Polyglot [Cubed]

Polglot [Cubed] Language Learning Tool: An educational game to aid in the retention of listening vocabulary in foreign languages. (2008)

Third World Shooter

Third World Shooter is an educational game prototype for teaching the history of colonial independence in formerly Portguese West Africa.

Letter Blaster

Letter Blaster is a simple "one switch" game for the Retro Remakes Game for Helen competition.

Zombie Master

Zombie Master is a first-person adventure shooter prototype programmed in BlitzBasic [2006]


Health-E is an educational game prototype for teaching the cellular structures of the immune system.

Rise of the Dead

Rise of the Dead is a 3D stereoscopic game for the University of Illinois Geowall visualization system.


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